New Blog, Who Dis?

New Blog, Who Dis?

The sunrise plains are a tender haze
And the sunset seas are gray,
But I stand here, where the bright skies blaze
Over me and the big today.
What good to me is a vague “maybe”
Or a mournful “might have been,”
For the sun wheels swift from morn to morn
And the world began when I was born
And the world is mine to win.

–“The Westerner” by Badger Clark

Hey there.

I’m J.P.

I like writing stuff.

I’ve written stuff ranging from fiction like military sci-fi thrillers, to long blog posts about content marketing strategy, to helpful articles about navigating freelancer platforms, and fun explorations of lost steampunk novels.

I’m planning to write a good bit more, including a set of wargame rules for fighting tabletop battles with army men, articles examining the impact of culture and art on politics, and even more fun sci-fi and steampunk fiction.

And on this site I put all my writing that doesn’t fit in any of those above thingies.

On here I write about stuff like personal finance and early retirement, thoughts on entrepreneurship, writing, managing a team, content marketing, productivity, and most anything else I think might be interesting and helpful to people.

And also obscure inspirational poetry written by cowboys.

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